About River Trail

 River Trail Awards and Recognition


Lauren Weir, Librarian - Verna Roucheleau Award
Rebecca Grazier, 2/3 teacher - Classic Honors Teacher of the Week
Sandra Getowicz - Classic Honors Teacher of the Week
Lisa Vitale, Special Education teacher - Symetra/Chicago Bears Hero in the Classroom
River Trail School - Cricket Wireless Go Positive Award


Judy Lawrence, 1st grade teacher - Gurnee Teacher of the Year
Vita Carnduff, 4/5 teacher - Golden Apple Finalist
Jennifer Glickley, principal - Illinois Principal's Association Lake Region Middle School Principal of the year

Cathy Drews, 7/8 Language Arts teacher, Verna Rocheleau Award

Maria Moreano, Social Worker - Verna Rocheleau Award

River Trail is a
2011 & 2012 Academic Excellence Award Winning School!

We Are RTS!


River Trail School(formerly known as Gurnee Grade School) is a kindergarten through eighth grade school within Gurnee District #56.  We offer the same curriculum as our sister schools in the district, however the delivery may be different due to the configuration of our grade levels. We have full day kindergarten, looping kindergarten and 1st grades, 2nd and 3rd grades and 4th and 5th grades and a full middle school program.  Looping is when a class stays together as a group and with the same teacher over a two year period.


As a River Trail School community, we pride ourselves in the family we have created.  We care for one another and treat each other with respect and dignity.  We rely on every member of our family to be productive and helpful to each other and our community at large.


Please feel free to contact me at any time with your questions at 847-249-6253.



Jennifer Glickley

Principal, River Trail School